Technologies For Treating Industrial Wash Water

Since the late 1980’s, Water Maze® has been perfecting the art and science of wash water treatment.

We have incorporated various technologies that are capable of: settling heavy solids, removing suspended solids; skimming free-floating oils; removing emulsified oils; bio-remediating organic matter; and reducing (evaporating) water. We provide systems for discharge, as well as for recycling water.

Water Maze® water treatment systems are engineered to meet the clean water demands.

Federal and state regulations prohibit organizations from discarding their wastewater and wash-water into public sewers and streams in order to protect water reserves and the environment as a whole. To meet these requirements, Water Maze branded solutions are tailored to each customer’s specific wastewater management application using an array of products and advanced technologies. Combined with our extensive network of local supporting dealers, Water Maze is your best partner for wash water and industrial water treatment systems.

Alpha 1500 Above Ground Separator
Alpha 1500 Above Ground Separator
  • 10 AMP
  • 15 Gallon/Minute Flow Rate
  • Coalescing area 500(ft²)
  • 125 Gallon Container Capacity
HBG-30D Wastewater Evaporator
HBG-30D Wastewater Evaporator
  • 3 AmP
  • 24 Gallon/Hour Flow Rate
  • 311000 BTU
  • 100 Gallon Container Capacity
WB-50A Wastewater Evaporator
WB-50A Wastewater Evaporator
  • 11AMP
  • 60 Gallon/Hour Flow Rate
  • 571000 BTU
  • 76 Gallon Container Capacity