D.I.Rinse System

Revolutionize Your Cleaning Process with DI Rinse Systems: Explore the pinnacle of water purification technology with DI Rinse Systems, available at Kepner Equipment. These advanced systems redefine the way you approach cleaning tasks, ensuring a spotless and streak-free finish.

Key Features:

Pure Water Technology: DI Rinse Systems utilize cutting-edge technology to produce ultra-pure water, free from impurities that can cause streaks and spots during cleaning.

Streak-Free Results: Achieve immaculate results with the spotless cleaning power of deionized water, leaving surfaces crystal clear and without residue.

Versatile Applications: Whether for windows, vehicles, or exterior surfaces, DI Rinse Systems provide versatile solutions for a wide range of cleaning needs.

Time and Labor Savings: Eliminate the need for manual drying or re-cleaning, as the pure water from DI Rinse Systems dries naturally without leaving marks, saving time and labor.

Environmentally Friendly: With a focus on sustainability, these systems reduce the need for chemical cleaners, contributing to a more environmentally friendly cleaning process.

User-Friendly Design: DI Rinse Systems are designed for ease of use, featuring user-friendly controls and portability for seamless integration into your cleaning routine.

Consistent Performance: Benefit from consistent and reliable performance, ensuring that every cleaning task is completed with precision and efficiency.

Upgrade your cleaning standards with DI Rinse Systems from Kepner Equipment. Unleash the power of purified water for a pristine, streak-free clean every time.

50 System
50 System
  • Get 2,000 gallons of DI water per 1/2 cubic foot of DI Resin
  • Flow Rate – 5 GPM
  • Comes with 1/2 cubic foot of DI Resin, TDS meter, and brass garden hose fittings
  • Great around the house
100 System
100 System
  • Get 4,000 gallons of DI water per cubic foot of DI Resin
  • Flow Rate – 10 GPM
  • Comes with one cubic foot of DI Resin, a TDS meter, and brass garden hose fittings
  • Great for the professional